Scrap My Motorbike

Wanted to scrap your Motorbike, we are here to help you. We buy all kinds of motorbikes and we give you the best price forthem, unlike some deceitful dealers.

How we work

There Are Four Steps To Value Your Motorbike

Step 1
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Whats App, Phone or Email

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No Hidden Fees
Instant payment

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Collection Or Drop Off

Nationwide, 48hr collection on average

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Hassle Free

No Haggling on collection, If it’s as described it’s as we priced!

Scrap My Bike for Cash

No matter what the condition and make of your bike is, we specialize in scrapping motorbikes even if they are damaged due to accidents. We will make you an offer after telling you a free quote for your bike.

Scrap My Bike for Cash
Scrap My Bike for Cash

Scrap My Motorbike Instant Quote

We can give you an instant quote for your motorbike. You just have to fill out the form in which you will describe your bike’s make, condition, etc. then we will give you an instant quote for your bike. You don’t have to spend any money on its advertisement and if you like our offer then you can sell it to us. We will send our team to collect your motorbike if it is according to the condition you have described.

How Much Is a Motorcycle Worth in Scrap?

Your motorbike’s worth depends on a number of factors i.e its condition, make, can it still drive, any part of the motorbike missing. If you want to ask for a quote from your potential buyers, they will definitely ask you these questions.

 If you are ready to sell your motorbike, we can arrange buyers who can give you the best offer for your bike so it will be easy for you to sell it at a fair price. It will be collected for free

Motorcycle Worth in Scrap
Scrap Motorcycle Be Collected

Can My Scrap Motorcycle Be Collected?

Yes, we also collect scrap motorbikes from most of the addresses for free if the location is accessible. We send our team to collect your scrap motorbike after the agreement with you. And after checking your bike our team will pick your bike from your address.

How To Scrap Your Motorcycle?

To scrap your motorbike, you have to find a buyer who will offer you the best and fair price for your motorbike. We’re offering a free instant motorbike quote for your motorbike with our scrap value calculator quickly.

If you like our offer then you can sell it to us. Then we arrange the time to collect your bike. You have to arrange a few documents for your bike on collection day. You can arrange the collection day for your bike which suits you the most.

Scrap Your Motorcycle

How Much Is My Bike Worth?

Value My Motorbike


Enter your registration number

Add the model and a few other details about the bike, then some basic information about you. That’s it, all the form filling done in a matter of seconds. We’ll get straight to work, expertly pricing up your bike and making you an offer.

Get our offer inside 24 hours

No haggling. We’ll offer a fair market price. If you’re happy with the offer, you’ll receive every penny of it when we buy your bike. No last minute price lowering games. No hidden charges. What we say is what we pay.

We collect your bike, you get your money

Our expert will come to you within 24 hours, as long as you are on the UK mainland. A quick check that the bike’s as you described it, then we’ll transfer the agreed price into your bank account and whisk the bike away. Collection’s free, because we want your motorbike!

We Want Your Motorbike

Motorbike Brands that We Buy

We buy any bike

We buy any Motorbike in any condition, whatever the make, model or year. Cruiser, superbike, any bike… we’ll give you a great price and make the whole process swift, simple and secure. It all starts with a FREE online valuation, so enter your reg right now and let’s get your motorbike moving.


How Much is My Motorbike Worth UK?


Scrap My Motorbike Today


Motorbike Valuation


We Buy Any Bike Instant Quote


Sell My Motorbike for Cash

Sell my Piaggio Motorbike London

Sell my Piaggio Motorbike London

Motorbike Valuation FAQ’s

What is the market value of my motorbike?

The market value of your motorbike is depending on its condition, model & age. The minimum motorbike value is 1000£ and maximum is 15,000£.

What's my bike worth free?

Yes, WeBuyAnyMotorbike is offering free motorbike valuation UK, You will get a 100% good quote for your bike from our motorbike valuation experts.

Get your free valuation now for your bike

Sell your Motorbike Fast

WeBuyAnyMotorBike.Online is the only London,Uk based website to offer an instant, accurate, on-line offer for your motorcycle.

Ready to sell your bike? We buy any bike for cash.

Which Bike Brands We buy the most

We buy any motorbike in any condition & any brand. The following motorcycle brands most commonly we buy:

Harley Davidson, BMW, Aprilia, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, Mutt, Peugeot, Piaggio, Suzuki, Triumph, Zero.

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